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Gifted Hands – Ben Carson

September 29, 2013

Our library has a DVD on Ben Carson that I found while perusing the collection. I was excited to find it and even more so to watch it with my family.

If you are not familiar with Ben Carson, he shot to national prominence in January (I believe) after taking President Obama to task for his reckless fiscal policy at a National Prayer Breakfast. Prior to that, he had been famous for being the surgeon who took on the task of separating conjoined twins attached at the skull.

The video shows some of his patients which had made amazing recoveries after surgeries under his hand. Some of the descriptions of the tasks were stunning. It’s worth seeing.

Perhaps even more interesting to me was that he had grown up in a low income section of town. His father had left when he was a tiny kid. His mom wasn’t around much because she was working 2-3 jobs just to keep a roof over their head. His mom forced him and his brother to check out books and read them and write reports on them. Eventually, he went from being the dumb kid in class to outperforming all of them.

This man, his career and his devotion to God are all very impressive. If you’re not familiar with the man, this video, done in 1992 is a great place to start. I’d HIGHLY recommend it.

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  1. September 29, 2013 8:37 pm

    Councilman, I like to invite you and your constituents to join the draft Ben Carson for President effort at and join the Texas Ben Carson 2016 Facebook group. Vernon Robinson, 336 577-2711

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