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Keys to Good Government

October 1, 2013

I think I’d consider myself a big fan of the history that David Barton and Wallbuilders deliver.  They do a great job of holding up the great example of the Founding Fathers, their writings and their work on the Declaration of Independence and Constitution.  I’ve watched most of them with my family and my son and I have been watching them again.

A potential weakness of the WallBuilders material is their almost cult-like worship of our Founding Fathers. I respect them greatly and admire them immensely and yet they were, after all, just men. Just men who loved God, who feared God, who had learned wisdom from His word, who sought justice and freedom in order to serve Him more. If our churches were what Jesus had called them to be, we’d have a wide array of such men to choose from in elections.

I do suspect that there are many of them out there, but they refuse to serve where many of us are seeing the need so clearly: in the political arena. Perhaps if more people will watch this DVD and some of the others put out by WallBuilders, more men of God would step into the arena and fight for truth.

I’ve purchased almost all of the DVD products that are available on This may be one of the best, most accessible and most relevant. It’s only about an hour long, but the last 5-7 minutes is a commercial for more of their products. I’m grateful to the editor that they put it at the end of the product instead of making me watch it at the beginning.

There’s a lot of ideas and very good information in this DVD. I’d HIGHLY recommend that you visit their site and get a copy.

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