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My response to Mr. Ramirez of the paper of record for Watauga

April 8, 2014

Thank you for the reminder.

This is my second time running for City Council. I’ve had several dealings with the Star-Telegram already from my first term. Due to the left leaning, biased reporting that I have seen in your newspaper, I will not be participating in the survey as it would just lend support to the continuing use of the paper by ill-informed parties.

In fact, I find it quite annoying that, while I have never subscribed to the newspaper, one is thrown in my yard at seemingly random times. Why this isn’t prosecuted as littering, I don’t know.

I have a blog and I will encourage people to go there for information about me and my candidacy. I don’t have word count limits or editors to change what I say. I prefer that kind of unfettered communication over that which the S-T delivers. Should you care to avail yourself of the almost two years of posts there, you may find the blog at

Thank you for the invitation to participate.

Russell Clements


Just for the record, I don’t believe that Mr. Ramirez and I have ever met, spoken or even communicated prior to his invitation.  I don’t have any animus against him personally although there is some against him professionally for his choice of employer, but things are tough these days.  He may not have had much choice.

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