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I endorse Mike Steele for Place 1 in the May election

April 13, 2014

For those of you who may have been reading this blog, you might be shocked and amazed that I would endorse the man who once described me as “Being in left field and no one’s even playing ball” during an interview.   Sometimes I surprise even myself.

I could rationalize it by saying he’s better than his opponent, but I’ll do better than that.  Mr. Steele and I have butted heads on many issues and yet I can say that I believe he tries diligently to consider the taxpayer.  Frankly, that’s the job of Council members.  It’s not to help run the city, though that is part of their job, but it is more so to be the representative of the tax payer who is not otherwise afforded a place at the table.

Most of those who serve on Council get subsumed into the political system as representatives of the City.  However, that is not what City Council is for.  The City of Watauga is represented quite well by the City Manager, the City Staff, City Employees and the City Attorney.  It is not the job of the City Council to rubber stamp the City Management, but to represent the taxpayer and ensure that dollars which are collected are used to the highest possible use.

While I don’t think Councilman Steele would wholly embrace the concept that the one that earns the money is the best judge of how to use it, I do think he takes his position seriously.

There were times when both Steele and I served on Council at the same time.  While Mr. Steele will cling to his ideas tenaciously, I also found that, given sufficient justification, he was willing to consider other ideas.

Mike Steele was the one who found out about the previous City Manager spending $27,000 to remodel his office and brought it to light.  He argued passionately about the way the garbage contract was handled (poorly, by the previous Mayor).  He brought the issue of water rates up again after they had been raised to double previous levels with almost no notice.  He suggested lowering the garbage collection rates.

I have a great deal of respect for Mike Steele.  I still reserve the right to disagree with him vehemently in the future, and I think he’s the best candidate for the position in this election.  I hope you will join me in allowing him to represent your pocketbook for another two years.

Mr. Steele, thank you for your service.

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