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Why I would vote for a dead dog over Kip Woodruff

April 14, 2014

I can’t be content with just endorsing Mike Steele for Place 1.  I believe people need to know that kind of person that Kip Woodruff is.

I don’t believe this man has any business representing any entity supported by tax dollars at all.  In my dealings with Mr. Woodruff, I found him to be a shameless political hack.

That’s a fairly significant comment to make.  Let me back it up.

During my time on Council, I had the opportunity to be the Liaison for the library board meeting.  Kip introduced himself to me and then proceeded to take me on a tour of the library as though I had never been there.  He informed me of the great value of each aspect of the library to the community.  Had I not been injured and having a difficult time walking, this might not have been a big deal.  As it was, I spent the rest of the night with my foot on a chair to keep it from throbbing so much.  Kip never even noticed my hobbling as he was so intent on schooling this new councilman that he never noticed.  This didn’t set him up for future success with me.

Kip came to council to during the review of the City Manager and spoke in favor of Dr. Neils performance.  He chastised the council for several things, the gist of which I don’t even now remember.  I do remember thinking that he had no idea what he was talking about and marveled that he would make such a fool of himself in front of so many people. No one called him on it.

Kip also came before council to let us know about a Political Action Committee he was forming to get a water park / swimming pool together.  I asked him if this highly organized PAC had a website.  It did not.  I also asked Kip why he didn’t form a company to raise money and make a profit off of this very great idea of his for the water park / swimming pool.  If it were such a great idea, why not have investors voluntarily support the project rather than forcing taxpayers to pay for it.  He didn’t have any answer.

After our previous Mayor, Mayor Jeffries resigned, Kip put out a rather ill-informed letter to his PAC members and Council making the claim that Mayor Jeffries had finally had all he could take dealing with our lame city council.  I marveled at his ability to read the Mayors mind, since the Mayor had publicly stated that he was stepping down because of personal health challenges.  I wonder if Kip new something that the rest of us didn’t.

Kip’s insurance business has a sign up offering to help people enroll in ObamaCare.  Good luck with that Kip.  When your clients get to have the joy of having a death panel decide their level of care, I hope they remember who signed them up for it.  While the rest of us are seeing our premiums rising or having our healthcare coverage dropped or are getting moved to part time so the employer can not offer healthcare, I hope people will remember which party it was that rammed these policies down the throats of the American people.  Maybe Kip will tell the Watauga taxpayer “If you like your tax rate, you can keep it” so that he can be as big a liar as the rest of his party and their leadership.

Oh, but I almost forgot to put in my favorite episode:  the blatant lying by the Charter Review Commission about the proposed changes to the charter.  You may remember these; as proposed they would have moved almost all management of the city from the Council to the City Manager.  When the spokesperson for the CRC was asked why the changes were proposed, the lying bitch, Cristy McCauley told the council that the changes were being made to bring the charter into compliance with State law which had been changed since the charter had been written.  Did our hero, Kip Woodruff, stand up and correct the liar?  No, he did not.  He silently acquiesced to the misinformation and later got upset when Councilman Steele had the temerity to ask the City Attorney to go down the list of proposals and state whether each was required by law or not.  After the City Attorney had gone down each proposed change and stated emphatically to each item that it was NOT required by law, did anyone from the CRC apologize for having mislead the council?  Well, no, in fact, they did not.  Their gambit had been lost.  They had been outplayed by Steele and the council they so obviously held in contempt.

While I have stated that Mike Steele and I have often butted heads over ideological reasons, at the end of the day, I could always say that I thought Mike Steele was trying to do the right thing by the tax-payer.  I don’t have any expectation of that from Kip Woodruff.  He’s out to push his idea of what is best and the taxpayer be damned.  Just shut up and pay your taxes and let your master tell you how your money should be spent.

If it’s coming across that I dislike this guy, it’s because I do.  Anyone that would vote for this fascist elitist deserves exactly what he’ll deliver.  And if you’re one of the complacent who don’t even vote and allow the stupid people like this to get elected; you deserve exactly what he’ll deliver.


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