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Message to Police

April 16, 2014

I watched this for the first time some time ago. I thought the questions asked were significant and something that isn’t talked about enough. Having recently read Fast and Furious and The Great New Orleans Gun Grab this seemed relevant.

Josie Outlaw’s Message to Police

Having watched the situation in Nevada display BLM’s staggeringly stupid adventure, it seemed as though it should be required viewing by any one in government service. I think every City of Watauga employed person should be forced to watch it and write an essay that would be published on the city’s website.

We, as “We the People”,  need to know where these people stand. After all, why pay them if we can show that they will not serve in the best interests of the community.

I think it would be worth knowing who the 200 Federal Agents were who were willing to suspend reality and “follow orders” to use this level of force for grazing cattle on Federal land.  I doubt it could be done, but it would be a great idea to publish who these agents were, who their supervisors were and each level of management which authorized the action.

We should know where our Police Department stands on these kinds of issues.  We should know where Tarrant County Sheriffs stand on these kinds of issues.  It’s not surprising to me that we’ll likely never get any kind of public statement as I’m pretty sure I could say where they stand based solely on the fact that they’re not willing to say.

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