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Watauga Political Forum 6pm at Watauga Middle School on April 24

April 22, 2014

I have RSVP’d for this event.  I didn’t ask how many others will be going to the event, but I hope all of them are there.

Last year, I was fairly disappointed with the forum, primarily because there was no latitude for questions from the audience.  The invitation points out that due to time restraints, there will be no questions from the audience this time either. 😦

Here are the questions that have been presented for candidates.   There are 8 questions, but candidates will only be asked four of them.  If you’d like to hear the answers to these questions from candidates, I’d encourage you to be there.  I’ll prepare my answers and post them after the event.  I hope you’ll be there as few things can compare to meeting candidates and talking to them for yourself.


Candidate Questions 2014 for Sertoma Club
1. How would you foster more effective communication, greater transparency, and better relations between the city staff and city council?
2. One area of interest to many voters is a candidate’s demonstrated commitment to be of service as evidenced by prior participation in civic and charitable community services. Please tell us about your current involvement in community activities, organizations, and/or projects that serve the citizens of our community and leadership roles you have held in such organizations.
3. Regarding economic growth, what types, if any, of economic growth and/or revitalization would you like to see in our city and in what locations would you like to see that occur?
4. Why do you feel you are the most qualified candidate for city council? What sets you apart as the best person to lead this council?
5. What is your comprehension and understanding of what the council does?
6. Are you aware of the council’s adopted goals for the city? Are there any goals you specifically agree or disagree with? How do you fit your own intentions and goals into the existing goals?
7. What do you feel is the greatest challenge or difficulty facing the city right now? What ideas might you propose to overcome that challenge?
8. Regarding services to our community, what types of services do you think the city could either offer or improve upon that it is lacking in now? How would you promote the development or improvement of these services?

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