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Police negotiations with the City – Creating value; the real answer

May 28, 2014

How could our City Council work to have the Police Department create more value for tax payers? Here are some of my suggestions.

  • Change them from Law Enforcement Officers to Peace Officers. That would be an immense value.
  • Publish the location of all the Police cars from the GPS in their cars online with a 30 minute delay. Let’s see where they’re spending their time and what we’re getting for the money we’re already paying.
  • Ticket officers for running stops or speeding if their lights and sirens are not on. If it’s so important that they do it to tax payers, it should be done to them too.
  • Fine any officer $1,000 who wrote a citation for anything except where there was a harm to a person or their property. I’d make this a three strikes and you’re out thing. Can’t do this now because of Civil Service.
  • Fire any officer who gets a divorce. If an officer can’t keep the peace in his own house, how can he be entrusted to keep the peace in the community? Can’t do this with Civil Service.
  • Never, under any circumstances, hire a Mohammedist in any role in the Police Department. Any religion that grants its adherents the ability to lie for the religion is unworthy of serving with the level of community trust required by a Peace Officer. Can’t do this with Civil Service.
  • Immediately terminate the employment of any officer who supports limitations on the Second Amendment.

However, the Police Association and the Texas Municipal Police Association never once suggested becoming a better department, or providing more value or increasing transparency or in any other way increasing their levels of service to the community.

I say fire every one of them and contract with Tarrant County to have Sheriff’s officers replace them.  It’s got to be far cheaper than the $7 million we’re wasting on them now.

While we’re at it, end red light cameras and the Crime Control and Prevention Fund.

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