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Police Negotiations with the City – what should be on the table

May 28, 2014

?Where to start?

During the course of the town hall meetings that the Chief of Police had a couple of years ago, a question was asked by a member of the audience something to this effect: “What does the Watauga PD think of the proposed Federal gun control measures?” Officer Babcock stated that there was no clear consensus on the part of the PD as it related to gun control. I watched it online and I was SHOCKED that he said that. You mean that the officers that are hired to be “Law Enforcement Officers” aren’t willing to enforce the highest law of the land, the Constitution of the United States? Any officer that would be willing to allow the erosion of the Second Amendment should be tried for treason, and upon conviction, lined up against a wall and shot. Or at least fired. As it is, Civil Service will protect them. ?Doesn’t City Council take an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States? I wish they’d start doing that.

I don’t know what the City Manager’s going to propose, but I’d like to see that the leave policy for the PD be cut back to only 6 days of accrual. These guys work 4 on, 4 off and never use their vacation days. The intent of those days is that an officer work fresh and relaxed so that he can give the residents the service that the city is paying for. If they’re not using they days, I think they should lose them or sell them back immediately. Those vacation days are so that officers have time to spend with their families; time to relax and chill out and hopefully insulate them from becoming “bad cops”. Those days are there to be a protection for the public, not a retirement bonus of six figures as they are managed now. Here again, the residents get sold out for the benefit of the “Special People”.

At no point during any of the conversation was there any discussion of value to the tax payer. I get so sick of this. These aren’t just dollars that are blowing around and the street department just sweeps into a bin, these are dollars that are coming from someone’s paycheck. I can assure you that the earner of those dollars can spend the dollars far better than the city can.

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