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NSA Collecting Millions of Faces from Web Images

June 15, 2014

The NSA has outlived its usefulness. It should be defunded and disbursed. If it gets replaced, it should be done by an agency which can operate within boundaries set by educated people who understand freedom. Since I’m not sure there are many people like that in Washington, I’d say it should just not be replaced.

The NSA has come into existence because of military intelligence gathering operations during previous wars, but I’m sure there is not a need for them at their present level now. Angela Merkel called them “worse than the Stasi”. She should know. This is how we treat our “friends”? Between this kind of thing and not being able to get their gold repatriated, I can’t be sure that the Germans should even consider us friends. Frenemies?

I think I’m on record as saying that I thought Ron Paul’s foriegn policy was naive and uninformed. As time passes, I’m beginning to think that my lack of education about specifics about US policy lead me to dismiss his position too flipantly. I read something not long ago that Germany was crying about the economic impact of the US closing a base over there. The author of that article mentioned that he thought the opposite might be said in support of closing the base. That is, why give all those dollars to Germany when they could be used at home.

I think God’s setting us up for a huge fall on this one. As soon as we pull our resources out, Putin will move to take over more of Europe. I doubt Germany’s unionized military will agree on terms for the value of their lives and there may not even be any resistance to such a takeover by Russian. Might there be another German Soviet pact?

I’d say that these European dunder-heads should have to deal with the consequences of their own stupidity and when Russia takes them over and their people, so dependent upon the government nipple have to face some reality, we should stand by and watch them grow up. If indeed they can. We should become the arsenal of the world again and realize that the same thing will happen here, but metastasize from the inside and destroy us too. I fear it may even be without much of a fight.

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