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And now for something new…

June 21, 2014

I just tried a new thing. I made a video/web walk through of how to find out how much you’re paying in property tax and to whom you’re paying it.

I suspect that most people with a mortgage will be having these taxes paid indirectly, that is through the escrow in your mortgage account which will usually cover property insurance and property taxes. As such, there may not be a lot of transparency into the amounts paid and to whom.

This may be the first of several video projects. As I’ve got a face made for radio, I may cut out the webcam portion, but it seemed kind of cool when I made it. I think I spent almost 2 hours to get this 7 minute video done. I taped it three different times, watched it several more and finally thought it was good enough and posted it to Vimeo. Once it’s on Vimeo, it’s got to get converted and then you can actually watch it.

If anyone has any suggestions for this kind of thing, I’d be interested to hear them. I’d also be interested to know if you find this useful. Do you prefer to read blog posts or watch videos? In general, I prefer to read because I can do it much more quickly than consuming video. It’s also a lot less work to write an article than to do this video thing, though having done this first one, the next several may not take so long.

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