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Last week was Father’s Day, I was going to try to post this then, but it got delayed

June 22, 2014

It’s well worth the effort to read and post about this story. You can read the story here:

A St. Louis couple is likely thankful to have guns in their home after they were forced to use them to defend their daughter against two men Monday night.

The men, one of whom had an extensive rap sheet, confronted the couples’ 17 year-old daughter after she stepped outside of the house to go to her car, reports the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Cortez McClinton, 33, and Terrell Johnson, 31, held a gun to the girl’s head and used her as a shield as they entered the family home, where a five-year old child was also present.

The girl’s father and mother witnessed the abduction, and both retrieved their guns. When McClinton and Johnson entered, the father fired several shots, hitting both men. The girl’s mother fired one shot but missed.

Johnson died at the scene. McClinton was wounded but was able to scramble off. He had his brother take him to the hospital.


Tragically, the girl’s mom missed.  We can forgive her of that for having been at least prepared to defend her daughter.  Great work mom!  God bless you and your girl.

!!!HOT DAMN!!!  for the Dad!  Way to go brother.  Thank you for your civic duty and for taking care of these punk asses the way they needed to be taken care of.  Thank you for being armed and knowing how to use it.  May God richly bless you and your daughter.  I hope you’ll get her a carry gun even if it is illegal because your daughter’s right to self-defense comes from God not the government.

Dad’s, if this had happened to you, would you have been as well prepared?  I certainly hope so.  Mom’s?  Maybe some more time at the range?

I guess I just have to mention for all of the gun control assholes out there:  Where were the police when seconds counted?  Minutes away!  Some people give you some kind of credit for wanting to disarm victims, but I’ll ask God to curse you and your family for being willing to subject people to what criminals have in mind without the ability to resist.  There is nothing excellent about gun control or the fools who advocate for it.

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