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“None of the Above” won!!

June 23, 2014

I think I’ve written about this before, in some movie where a guy is supposed to spend bajillions of dollars to make umpteen jillions more.  He runs for office with a campaign called “None of the Above”.

I got the article and was quite intrigued to find that voters someone (Nevada, I believe) had put this kind of control in.

Oh, sorry, I forgot to give you the URL:

Here are two quick clips from the article:

Nevada Democratic leaders acknowledged earlier this year that they had failed to recruit a credible candidate to face GOP Gov. Brian Sandoval in the fall. And on Tuesday, Silver State Democratic primary voters agreed, casting more votes for the state’s quirky “none of these candidates” option than any one of the eight actual humans on the ballot.

The second place finisher, Robert Goodman, who lost to “none of these candidates” will face GOP Governor Brian Sandoval in November.

The person that sent this to me and I were completely disappointed that faced with the rejection of NONE OF THE ABOVE, that the party infrastructure did not scrap their election, but instead, went with the 1st place winner of the incompetents.  If that’s not the party spitting in the eye of the voters, I don’t know what is.  The party should be forced to run without a candidate if “None of the Above” wins.  If I were out there, I’d work to get that clarified.

This speaks volumes to me.  It’s what’s broken about the system.  The Parties can be completely out of touch, running crappy candidates that can’t win a primary and yet be so distanced from feedback that they continue to do as they please without regard for the will of the voters.  This is what the Second Amendment was enshrined to protect.  When the soap box and the ballot box fails, there’s still the box of bullets.  May God curse this party and all who work for it.

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