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… and then, consider the alternative…

June 26, 2014

That last post was a doozy.  You might have been able to guess that there’s much more I would have to say about it.

The 20th Century was full of examples of what happens when people do not have the means to resist their government.  Nazi’s, Communists, Imperialists.  Jews get a lot of attention, rightly so, but what about the Armenians?  Anyone remember them?  Hitler takes the cake for killing people, but who can forget Stalin starving Ukranians by the millions?  Or Pol Pot and his “Killing Fields”?  or Mao with his power flowing from the barrel of a gun?

I’m afraid that most American’s missed the import of the NSA being equated to the Stasi by Merkel of Germany.  The implication was not only that the NSA had gone far across the line of what was acceptable, but that they were morally reprehensible, that resistance was appropriate if not morally demanded.  It’s like saying that the NSA is worse than Hitler’s Secret Service.  And she’s supposed to be our friend.  Imagine what others are saying about our country, about our voters, about our apathy, our complacency and inability or unwillingness to do anything to hold in check our own government.

Did the United States only bomb NAZI party members?  No, we firebombed the whole country.  Did the United States only bomb the royal palace of the Emperor of Japan?  No, we nuked Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  We’re on that side of history now.  The moral implications are terrible.  I hate to think of God’s judgement on this nation and its people.

How do you think it looks to see that we’ve wiped out ninety-something percent of the value of the dollar since 1913?  A dollar that many Western countries have backing their own currencies?

I fear that when judgement comes to the government of this country, it will come to its people too, for having failed to keep that government to its Constitutional boundaries.

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