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Breaking News – Gun Confiscation Has Begun in NY!!! Must Watch!!

July 17, 2014

This is worth watching the whole thing. I’ll have another view of this tomorrow, but I wanted you to see this before then.

Frankly, I expect to see more and more of this in the future. It will continue until any parties involved hit resistance from the people.

Now, I’ll grant you that this is in New York. But how did this happen in the United States of America? How did this happen when our God-given right to keep and bear arms is protected in the Second Amendment to the Constitution?

How can this be controlled? How about suing the individual officers who perpetrate these activities? Run for office against the elected jackasses that allow this to happen. Cut the budgets of these “enforcing entities” to 0 since they’ve proven to be an enemy of the Republic. Repeal the SAFE act. Vote out EVERYONE that voted for it. Pass an act that prohibits those that voted for it from running for any public office ever. It’ll be interesting to see what happens in this situation.

I might also note that, in this case, as in every other in history, registration has led to confiscation.

I lived in New York for almost two years, many, many years ago. Those of you who have never visited there or have no personal understanding of the state might be interested to know that the whackos that make up New York City do NOT represent the rest of the normal people in the state. If I may use the term, much of the rest of the state might be considered rednecks and enjoy hunting and fishing and being outdoors and shooting. This may surprise you, but it was actually easier to get a concealed carry license in New York State than it is in Texas (or at least it was when I was there.) I will be surprised if this kind of thing is tolerated very long by the good people in New York.

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