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Ukranians push for Swiss model of self defense

September 5, 2014
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Ukrainians are learning the advantages of an armed citizenry the hard way.  An organization in Kiev, Київський Легіон,  (Kyiv Legion) is calling for citizens to become armed on the Swiss model.   They even suggest that it might make sense to have those who do not serve be taxed to make up for their lack of service.   This is not an uncommon concept in history, and was used in the American civil war.

Legal private firearms are scarce in Ukraine, but they exist.  Ukrainian gun owners have been pushing for looser regulations and government support to form a population of  armed citizens to help defend the country.   If you look at the top photograph carefully, with a magnifying glass, you can see what appears to be six or seven firearms present.   At this level of resolution, there is no way to tell if they are real, replicas, air rifles, or training dummies.  Even if firearms are rare, the training offered is real and gives advantages to those who take it.   They can learn basic skills, such has first aid, and basic tactics.  Air rifles or laser simulators can be very effective in teaching people how to shoot.  This level of training makes an enormous difference in having the confidence to fight, and in survival in chaotic conditions.

The militia model of self-defense for communities is not nearly the American invention that many would like to think that it is.  The Swiss had such a model long before America did.  In fact, one was not allowed to vote if they could not provide proof of being armed and equipped for their role as defender of the realm.

I can’t help but think that this model will spread.  I will predict that large nation states will begin to fall by the wayside and militias will make a comeback because they need to.  I can’t help but think that the peoples beseiged by ISIS would have liked to have had a militia to fall back on instead of depending on the government to help them or worse, having to wait on foreign countries to render aid.

If your community were dependent upon you for aid, how much of an asset would you be?  Do you know first aid?  Do you have the tools to render aid in a mass casualty situation?  Do you have firearms and ammo and competency to aid your neighborhood should it become necessary?  I suspect not.  Most American’s are far too complacent to care about such things.  I suspect we’ll learn to regret those choices.


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