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Why Republicans won’t impeach Obama

September 7, 2014

Republicans in Congress are acutely aware of the negative impact the impeachment of Bill Clinton had on their electoral prospects. Impeachment reversed the historic headwinds the party in control of the White House faces in a president’s sixth year and turned them into a gale blowing directly in the GOP’s face. Republicans lost five seats in the House and made no gains in the Senate in 1998, and the GOP does not want to repeat that history.

I guess I could have titled this post:  more reasons to hate Republicans, but it would probably just go into a giant pile of refuse as those reasons continue to propogate, not from Democrat talking points but from Republican action, or rather inaction.

The reality is, that when Congress does not have the intestinal fortitude to defend the Constitution and the limits on the branches of government, then the days of the Consititutional Republic are over.  In fact, I’d argue that they have been over for quite a long time.  I might argue that they have been over since 1913 when the Federal Reserve was enacted and popular election of Senators removed the check on Congress available to the States.

It’s not that these people are arguing for the powers that government continues to usurp, it’s that they’re not willing to pay the price to defend the property and freedoms of their constituents.  I think the Senate needs to return to election by the State Legislatures.  I wonder too if there shouldn’t be a third branch added to Congress that would represent business so that the House could go back to representing constituents.

It’s sad to say, but America as it has been known is long gone.  I couldn’t help but think the same thing when I watched Dsouza’s America – the justifications were based on what America had been; not what America is now.














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