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Texas Bond Review Board

September 13, 2014

I ran across this in a presentation on the web that had been recorded by the North East Tarrant Tea Party (NETTP).  The speaker was talking to people about how they could hold elected officials accountable.  This site will show how much debt a given ISD is carrying.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t show what the debt was used for.  The last time BISD wanted to raise money, they wanted to use 20 year money to pay for a tw0-year asset – Apple tablets, enough for 1 in 3 students.  What a stupid idea.

Select BISD and you can see the composition of the almost $360 million in debt that BISD is already carrying.  Here’s a screen capture of the information. The Birdville ISD part is partially cut off, but that’s all of the information that it shows.  Follow the link to look it up for yourself.

Birdville ISD Debt Load








Looks like BISD is doing pretty well compared to Keller ISD and their almost 1.2 Billion in debt.

Keller ISD Debt Load
















That’s pretty stupendous. And people wonder why we don’t like politicians.

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