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A Political Strategy and the pansy thinking behind it

September 14, 2014

Originally published October 19, 2013 on

I wrote this during the shutdown, but am just now getting around to get it posted.

Part of the reason I write this blog is to give you, a potential voter for me, a candidate for the Congressional Distric 26 of Texas, a chance to see the way I think. One of my goals when I was on City Council was to be the kind of statesman that I would want representing me. That means, you should know how I’m going to vote on almost anything before it gets to the table.

  • Taxes: I’m widely against them.
  • Eminent Domain: I hate it.
  • Regulations: Detest them

The kind of loser, “government is god” mentality represented by this article infuriates me. Let me excerpt from it to illustrate.

Instead, the outside groups’ litmus tests would yield a strategy that allows Senate Democratic leaders to “muddy” the vote by including their preferred provisions.

The “outside groups” he is referring to are people like Heritage Foundation or FreedomWorks or perhaps a tea party group. The author missed the point entirely. These people represent constituents who loath and detest Obamacare. They don’t think that the government can do no wrong. In fact, they’re confident (and right) that Obamacare will be a terrible thing for this nation and that no good will come from it. The author apparently thinks the bill is a great idea and doesn’t want dissenters to have a voice at the table.

While a Council member in Watauga, I went to a TML lecture one time where the speaker said something like “If you’re not at the table, you’re on the menu”. I thought it was probably very accurate. The conservative taxpayer is on the menu and frankly, they’re getting tired of paying for these stupid vote buying schemes that will perpetuate Democrat malfeasance for the foreseeable future.

They will either have to accept the Democratic counter-proposal or be blamed for a government shutdown.

Our author again shows his bias. There’s no way to win with him. So why even play? Here’s the answer our author is incapable of coming to:  To show that they’re not going to be willing participants in flushing this once great nation further down the toilet. To show that this is morally reprehensible. To let Americans know that we understand what’s at stake.

Here’s where he really shows his colors though: “Worse yet, the funding bill might fail, actually forcing a government shutdown. “

Waaaaa. A Government shutdown would be a great thing! Let’s shut it down forever and only reconstitute those tiny portions which are actually authorized by the governmental contract with America that the Constitution represents. !!HOORAH!! !! FREE AT LAST, FREE AT LAST!!

These kinds of people are the bane of the Republican party. Frankly, they’re the bane of civilized people anywhere.

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