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Al jazeera’s reporting this but our media won’t?

September 14, 2014

Originally published October 19, 2013 on

I’d add a couple of things to this article.

The first is, this is why we have a Second Amendment. The government is NOT going to protect you. They can’t. They don’t even want to.

The second is that the article doesn’t point out that our Federal government is complicit in arming these narco-terrorists through the BATFE so that they could limit OUR Freedoms.

I predict we’ll eventually see similar things in this country. I wouldn’t be surprised it if will be at the hands of the mohammedists in the name of their stupid religion.

I really wish that this country would wake up, see the writing on the wall, and BEG for God’s forgiveness. If not His forgiveness, at least the ability to fight, as he granted His people in the time of Esther.

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