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America’s most secret weapon

September 14, 2014

Originally published October 19, 2013 on,

I love JPFO! For many years, they’ve been the go to source for some great articles about why the possession of firearms are a fundamental underpinning of the role of our government and “we, the people”.

This article on the .22LR, and how useful it is for training and familiarization with firearms, was quite interesting and enjoyable.

Many years ago, financial hardship forced me to sell off all my guns. Had I worked harder, I’m sure I could have found a better way to handle the situation, but I didn’t.

In the years since, we’ve had two kids and my firearm realities have changed immensely. As I have worked to purchase firearms, those that shoot .22LR were the ones I focused on first. Even when I was younger and had more disposable income, the firearms that I had the most fun with were .22s. They were the only ones I could afford to shoot for half a day.

I hope you’ll enjoy the article as it makes several very interesting points. Perhaps while you’re at it, you could join JPFO and support their mission.

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