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David Barton on the Second Amendment

September 14, 2014

Originally published October 19, 2013 on

I almost laughed out loud when I read this. For a “journalist” this guy did a very poor job of taking the common understanding of the Second Amendment and demonizing an absolutist like David Barton sounds like he is.

This quote from Barton is attributed to Barton from his WallBuilders Live show as transcribed by Right Wing Watch (which doesn’t sound very objective, but let’s just go with it because it’s so much fun).

The belief of the Second Amendment was you as a citizen have a right to defend yourself whether it be against a thug, an aggressor, a crook, or against your government.

Now this is where a lot of liberals go through the roof; are you saying that you think individual citizens have a right to own a machine gun?

Yeah. And an Abrams Tank, and a bazooka, and a F-16 because you’ve got a right to defend yourself with the same size of weapons that might be brought against you … You have a right to fight back with whatever you can get your hands on to defend your life, your property, your possession, your family, your whatever.

Our intrepid Journalist closes the article by conjecturing questions meant to scare the reader: “And chemical weapons? Biological? Nuclear? Barton didn’t mention those specifically, but why the hell not? “

To which I would proudly reply: “Why the hell not!” my own self. Here’s a great question for the author – can the government really control chemical weapons? No, I’m sad to say that they can’t. Burn poison ivy and you’ve got an airborne agent that will do to the airway what contact will do to the skin. Hmm. I don’t think the government can control that can they? How about mixing bleach and chlorine? Phosgene gas – the same agent used in WW1 to incapacitate troops on the battlefield? Think the government can control all of that?

Hey, dumbass, it’s a crazy world out there. That’s one of the reasons that having the ability to project force to defend one’s self is so important. The government can’t protect you from even yourself, much less some jackass intent upon harm to someone else.

I love reading people like this. They have absolutely no comprehension of the dangers of the world around them. I tell my kids that EVERYTHING is a weapon. EVERYTHING! It’s just a choice about how to use it: for good or for evil. Eric Nicholson needs to pop his head out of the place where the sun doesn’t shine and enter the real world. David Barton? He’s right. The only reason there is any conjecture about how the Second Amendment is to be “interpreted” is because the government wants an exclusive monopoly on force. They’re brazen enough to spit in our faces, tell us it’s raining and then lie about it being for “your own good”. May God curse them.

You can check out WallBuilders at and They’ve got a daily ½ hour radio show with many interesting guests. Many of their back episodes are available for free online. Mr. Barton and his co-host do a great job of reminding people of the kind of men our Founding Fathers were. If you’ve never checked it out, I suspect you’d find it to be a refreshing program.

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