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Feedback from one of my favorite readers

September 14, 2014

Originally published October 30, 2013 on

I had an opportunity to get some feedback on my blog from someone that I have a lot of respect for. He took me to task for allowing profanity to be published and for being such a doomsayer.

The previous posts may give some justification for these posts. My reader challenged me to be more positive and I’d like to spend some time doing just that.

First though, let me describe some of what I think it will take to put this country back on the right track.

Eliminate Federal Debt.   Not just a balanced budget, but a budget so slashed and cut that there are sufficient funds to start buying back debt. But just buying it back won’t be enough. We could sell land owned by the Federal government and use the proceeds to start paying down the debt. We need to eliminate enough red tape that our economy can actually grow. We need to eliminate the minimum wage – or worse yet, make it one penny per hour.

As an aside, I once wondered aloud why it was that Unions seemed always to be in support of higher minimum wages. I don’t remember who it was that illuminated me, but the individual pointed out that most Union contracts are tied to the minimum wage, so it the minimum wage went up, their contracts would also go up. Most contracts are worked like this: worker X gets minimum wage + some more. Interesting, isn’t it? Just imagine if minimum wage were to go down to .01 / hour. It’s a thought that just fills me with glee. Once people wake up and realize that these policies cut both ways, and that most Americans are tired of dealing with this garbage, there can be some real reform in our nation.

So what else? Our money supply needs to be tightened up radically. The US needs to just start collecting money and destroying it. Did you know that during World War 2, one of the ways that the United States conducted war on Germany was to print their money so that it would become worthless? It’s amazing, but our country is doing the same thing against ourselves! It’s ridiculous.

So, we need to pay down debt, destroy currency so it can regain value. How long will that take? Too long. I still don’t think we’ll have the time to do it.

We also need to eliminate entitlements. That’s right, kill Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and any other wealth redistribution program.

Here’s the reality. Not only do I believe that there is not the political will in this country to do this, but it would need to be done as long term policy until such time as this nation is back on track fiscally.

Frankly, I don’t believe this is possible. I think God has marked this nation for judgment. It’s just a matter of time. Even more so, we’re not the only ones that will be taken down. We’re certainly not the only nation borrowing at stunning rates and printing/devaluing our currency. I expect we’ll go down hard, but we won’t be alone.

You may ask, why run for office if you don’t think there’s a chance this nation will be saved. Here’s the reality. GOD can save this nation. Should He choose to do so, it will not be because of our righteousness, but because He thinks he can use us again. I like to think that if the government will get out of the way, that the PEOPLE of this nation will do the right thing.

I can hope because I know that God can turn our hearts back to him. I suspect He will only be able to get our attention when we are no longer so rich that we don’t think we need Him. I expect that lesson will be terrible and brutal. My hope is on the other side of that.

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