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My meeting with Dr. Burgess

September 14, 2014

Originally published on on September 21, 2013

[I wrote this a couple of weeks ago.]

Last week I had a meeting with Dr. Burgess, the sitting Congressional Representative for District 26. He was gracious enough to meet with me even though I had told him in my request that I wanted to tell him why I was running against him in the primary.

Because the nature of my meeting with him was “political” in nature, as opposed to something a constituent would want, we met in a meeting room that one of the other tenants in his building allowed him to use. I was grateful to them for their generosity. I don’t recall now who that group was, but it was a lot easier than trying to meet somewhere else.

I must also say that each of the employees, if they’re called that, of his office were very kind and courteous and very helpful. I was grateful for their professionalism.

I introduced myself and informed him that I was going to be running against him in the primary. I thanked him for his conservatism and for holding the line for so long. He’s done several things that I didn’t agree with, most notably the debt ceiling increase and continuing resolutions, but he’s done a good job overall. I wanted him to know that I don’t hate him or think ill of him, but I do think that we need someone who’s going to be a lot more aggressive about getting things done.

He asked me what I thought could be done differently. He reminded me that as a Representative, he’s often voted against his (weak and pathetic) party. He reminded me that he is one of 435 Representatives. He was very quick to inform me of the lack of leadership of the present party management. I couldn’t disagree with anything he said.

I asked him about the upcoming Continuing Resolution (CR). He said that unless something changed, he wasn’t going to be voting for it. He talked to me about a plan that has been discussed whereby the government would continue to be funded, but ObamaCare would not. While I can understand the impetus behind this movement, it’s a far cry from the cuts that need to be made.

He also informed me that he would be supporting the Paul Ryan Budget, which has as its claim to fame that it would balance the budget in 10 years. He also mentioned that there were many in the party who would not even support those funding levels and passing a budget meant nothing if other representatives weren’t going to play ball.

Again, I can’t disagree with any of that. I was disappointed that with a Federal Debt of 17 Trillion dollars that agreeing to a budget that balances in 10 years seemed shockingly optimistic. The budget needs to balance right now. In fact, the budget needs to be cut sufficiently enough that arrangements can be made to begin retiring some of the debt that our politicians have incurred.

I thanked him for coming out to the Tea Party about 2 years ago when he had voted for a debt ceiling increase. I told him I admired him for standing for his principles and being willing to defend them to a bunch of people that most likely would not have agreed with his decision. I think I wrote a blog post at the time criticizing him for his vote and chastising him for not having more confidence in the American People to be able to handle the downgrade in debt. A downgrade which came, in my opinion, directly because of the debt ceiling increase.

I tried to be clear to Dr. Burgess that I appreciate the work that he’s done, and the stands that he’s taken. It is my opinion that we need new ideas, new pushback and different representation.

One of the things that I’ve come to loath the Republican Party for (especially at the Federal level) is that they are so quick to savage their own. As I run my campaign, I hope to be courteous and respectful of Dr. Burgess and grateful for his service.

One of his staff members handed me a map showing how to get back to where my work was. I had marveled at the stopped traffic southbound on I-35 and wondered if anyone knew of a better way to get back. I appreciated their effort.

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