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Store Owners ‘Use Their Own Guns’ As Police Back Away In Ferguson

September 20, 2014

Looters in Ferguson, Missouri, were “met with little police resistance” as business owners say they “were forced to protect their businesses with their own guns” on Friday.

A reporter from Fox2Now even said “police cars were seen driving past some of the stores being looted and did not respond.”

Two store owners told Fox2Now that they called 911, “were sent from one police agency to another,” then “got no response.”

Fox News reported that an angry mob formed “just before midnight” and broke into the very convenience store which Michael Brown — the man shot by police — allegedly robbed prior to being shot. There were approximately 200 in the crowd and some “began throwing rocks and other objects at police,” hurting at least one officer.

Police responded by backing away to give the crowd room, but made no arrests.

More heroics from the boys in blue.  I’ve put several articles in the last several weeks about how the Police aren’t your friend, and if you’re counting on them, you’re just going to be disappointed.  Just more fuel for the fire.  The ultimate downside of the Police State?  The level of complacency you’ll accept when you should be arming yourself and taking responsibility for the safety of your own family, person and property.




















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