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Militarization of the police

September 21, 2014

I’ve been talking about this for a long time. Since far before it was  on the news.  I must say though that the Ferguson issue has certainly brought it to the forefront again.  Seeing pictures of thugs in battle dress, assault rifles and other military gear pointing weapons at a civilian with their hands in the air, brought it all home for me again.

I’ll put out some of my opinions on the matter.

1.  Ex-military has NO BUSINESS being in police departments.  There is no similiarity between these jobs.  To pretend otherwise is a serious disconnect from reality.  I would heartily endorse relieving any police officer with prior military experience.

2.  Military equipment has no business being on a police force.  An AR-15 or M-16 or M14 just has no business being in a police arsenal.  I’m a big fan of a 12 gauge shotgun and versality of mission through changing ammo.  A 12 gauge has the huge advantage of not being able to travel beyond the city boundaries of our tiny little town.

3.  There should not be any cross-training between the military and the police.  They don’t do the same jobs so they don’t need the same training.

I started looking around online to see what I could find about these programs.

National Institute of Justice has a program for getting equipment to police:

Law Enforcement Support Office is in charge of administering the 1033 program from the military to transfer stuff from the military to Police Departments and other similiar organizations.

Texas 1033 program – part of DPS:

I’ll have more on this, but I’m going to get this out first.

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