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So, What about Watauga PD?

September 24, 2014

Great question, thanks for asking. 🙂

When I was on City Council, I was given forms that were filed by the Watauga Police Department to acquire the Hummers.  The form includes a listing of previous equipment that had been transferred.  Which means I’ve seen what the Watauga PD had received in the past.  The Hummers were brought out in the meetings already.  I’ve even mentioned some of that equipment in previous blog posts.

So, being the civic minded person I am, I did a Public Information Act request to the city for a listing of that equipment.  I got the answer back from the City Attorney a little while ago.  I thought it was pretty funny.

14-3473 (14-08-28) letter to requestor

I guess I should point out too, that the form for requesting the military equipment is subject to Freedom of Information Act requests.

So the gist of the document is that we (the City of Watauga) cannot release this information to you because it could aid terrorists.  So, it’s pretty funny.  When I’m a representative of the people, I can be trusted with that information, but as a normal person paying the bills, you’re too stupid to know.  Actually, not too stupid, so untrustworthy, so pathetic as to not be able to be trusted with that information.

I despise this system of crap that would hide significant information from the people who are supposedly protected by it.  This elitist mentality is the root of the bullcrap that plagues our country.  The best answer is freedom.  Understand what’s up against you.  Train people to defend themselves; to use first aid, build defensive positions, understand the risks in our modern society, learn to communicate clearly and effectively.  How to lead when needed, and follow when needed.  In short, to stand as a bulwark against the forces of darkness in the arena where you serve.

I was particularly annoyed with the answer from the City Attorney since I’m sure he knows, as I do, that the military equipment does not in any way reflect our readiness.  The City has invested in a wide array of hardware to respond to events.  In the real world, terrorists would have more to fear from armed Wataugans than from the pitiful blue noose that purports to protect us while calling us too stupid to be trusted with that information.  Public servants?  It doesn’t really look like it.

It gets better.  More on that tomorrow.

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