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My other PIA request

September 26, 2014

So, at the same time I filed the PIA request about 1033 equipment, I also filed a request with the Department of Public Safety’s Office of General Council.   I’ll write up what I did to get the request in to the correct people, but it probably won’t won’t happen today.

I didn’t get a response from either the city or DPS right away.  However, I got the response from both of them on the same day.  Coincidence?  Who knows.

DPS didn’t give me any blather, they just provided the information.  So I now I have a list of military equipment which has been provided to tax funded entities in the State of Texas.  Besides looking at Watauga’s stuff, I really haven’t spent much time going over the list.

I do think that people should be able to know the amount of military tech that their police department may have to “protect” them.  You may discover that you are far too “over-protected” as we are in Watauga.

Watauga Military Assets



So, knowing about three M14s (machine guns from the pre-Vietnam era), two HMMVs and a fuel metering pump are going to reveal something significant about the defenses of the Watauga Police Department?  More importantly, I’m wondering why the Watauga PD has access to three .30 caliber machine guns?  What threat am I being protected from that would require three select fire machine guns to protect me from?  These sound like law-suits waiting to happen.

Frankly, at this point, I think the information should be released to the public.  Each community should make an informed decision about whether or not they want the military equipment they have.

It annoyed me to high heaven that Police Chief Cannaday and Mayor Jeffries went behind the back of the City Council to get the two Hummers that the City has today.  It annoyed me even more that Chief Cannaday used the tow company which tows local vehicles to drive out to Louisiana and back with a tow truck and two crews and police to tow one of the vehicles back and a driver to drive the other one back.  I think this was a pathetic abuse of a contract and is despicable.  When you put these two things together, it looks like tyranny and I despise that.  When I asked Chief Cannaday why he didn’t bother to inform the Council about these Hummers, he said it wasn’t his job.  I lost all respect for the man at that point.  I wish him him well in his retirement and I’m glad he’s gone from the city.  He is a disgrace to the uniform and the principles which he purported to serve.

If Ferguson has made anything crystal clear, it’s that cops should NOT be playing “military”.  Communities can’t make those decisions unless they know what they’ve got.

TX Property Book as of 8.21.14


I updated the post to add “NOT” to the first sentence in the last paragraph. A significant oversight on my part.

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