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Another reason to like those Swiss

October 14, 2014

Swiss officials have announced that the country is banning the Islamic State and related entities from their lands.

The ban went into effect on Wednesday, when the Swiss cabinet voted to forbid Islamic State membership for at least six months. The ban disallows providing information or soliciting funds and recruiting for the jihadi terror group. Authorities said that doing so may result in three years in jail or a fine. The seven-member Swiss cabinet released a statement, which said that the Islamic State’s “massive human rights violations” have forced the country, which is known for its unapologetic neutrality, to act in order to assure its national security.

The government released a statement after ruling on the issue: “The Islamic State group commits grave violations of human rights. Due to the escalation in its atrocities in the past few weeks, the Federal Council today decided to ban the group.”

I think somewhere I’ve posted that the Swiss banned the building of more mosques in their country.  They issue machine guns and ammo to “normal” people.  They’ve got some people in their government that are willing to work to protect their people.  I like that.  I wish there were more such people in our own government.

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