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Another comparison with the Chi-Com’s where the US comes out on the wrong side.

October 20, 2014

I’ve written before about the Chi-Com’s lecturing us on having too much debt and the moral repugnance of being lectured to by the Chi-Com’s and knowing that they’re right.

Oh, Chi-Com’s is short for Chinese Communists.

I ran across some pictures from the Hong Kong protests for the ability to elect their own leaders, and not those that have been picked by the Chi-Com government. The image that stuck in my mind was of a police officer spraying a huge container of what looked like pepper spray at the protestors.

It didn’t hit me until a day or two later, but when it did, it was like a 2×4 in the head. The Chi-Com’s had done such a much better job of handling the protests than the Ferguson Fools in full battle garb, the classic picture from the event showing five of these thugs pointing AR-15s (or maybe M16s) at a man with his hands up as though there were some imminent threat to the officers.

The Chi-Com’s had handled this situation far better than our Ferguson boys in blue. I can’t tell you how that hurt my heart to see that. To see Chi-Com’s have more respect for their people than American police with American protestors. It brought home to me the Police State even more brutally than I have already spoken of.

Ultimately, I have a higher level of confidence that the Chi-Com government will work with the demands made by those in Hong Kong, than that our government will work with the people of the US to roll back our police state.

What a terrible thought.

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