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Proposition 1 – a big HECK NO!

October 24, 2014

My problem with this allocation of the funding for the state’s rainy day fund over to Texas Department of Transportation (TXDoT) is that it takes the heat off of the legislature to make transportation a priority. It alleviates the necessity to make some real choices about priorities with Texan’s tax dollars.

For example, if the pressure to fund roads is lowered, what incentive would they have for getting rid of the diversions? Diversions like 20% going right off the top to education. The State already has mechanisms for funding education (property taxes), so why should they be taking road money and spending it on schools? No good reason I can think of.

As another example, Department of Public Safety is funded from fuel tax revenue. Why do we need DPS? And if we need them, why should it be funded out of gas tax revenue? No good reason I can think of.

I recently heard a discussion by someone who claimed that TXDoT has so much money that they are able to fund practical research projects like commuting with a jet pack. I’d love to see some documentation showing that is an actual thing, but given the source, I’ve got enough confidence that I’m willing to make that assertion.

TxDoT has got a long way to go before they’ll get any respect from me. I just can’t see giving them more funds until they can take care of what they’ve got.

Besides all of that, they’ve worked out these kiss-ass deals with the toll roads, fleecing these public companies because those public companies are delivering services that TXDoT aren’t able to do.

This funding is just a bad idea until the fundamental deficiencies are resolved.

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