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FBI’s use of National Security Letters (NSL) in court

October 25, 2014

Here’s a brief snippet to tell what NSL’s are and how they are used by the FBI.

In the PATRIOT Act era, the FBI has stepped up the use of NSLs to compel companies to hand over communication data or financial records for the purpose of national security. However, NSLs are issued without court approval and come with a gag order that prohibits publicizing the NSL in any way.


Of course, this implicates that not only are recipients prevented from speaking about the fact they received such an order, but also from participating in the public debate on NSLs, surveillance and national security efforts from personal experience. In essence, these gag orders, which are included on 97% of the over 300,000 NSLs issued, are a form of prior restraint and content-based restriction on speech.

If you think these NSL’s are a great idea, then you’ll be glad to know that cities are doing the same things with normal police operations. Make a complaint against a police officer and the case will go to an arbitration hearing, the results of which will be sealed and the public will never know what crap this officer pulled. !What a snow job!

It seems to be a hallmark of our government these days.

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