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Backlash against the 1033 program

October 28, 2014

Recently, in response to a local outcry over aggressive policing tactics, San Jose, California’s police department announced plans to return its MRAP, and the Los Angeles school system police department has agreed to return its three grenade launchers.

The name of the article is “Small-town America Rebels Against ‘Police State’ Arsenal: Citizens urge return of armored vehicle to Pentagon.”

I don’t much care for WND and I don’t remember why I got this article, but I did think it was a great article talking about the need for the community to be involved in the acquisition of these assets.

I can’t help but wonder if the Watauga PD would have their three machine guns and two HUMVEEs if the public had been asked about them. I tend to think not. I would certainly hope it wouldn’t be done by the Chief of Police and the Mayor colluding to get it done and not even tell the City Council as was done in Watauga.

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