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Obama lying again about role of ObamaCare and budgets

October 31, 2014

Freedom Works used the term “misleading” but I can’t bring myself to whitewash the situation like that.

The article quotes Obama saying that ObamaCare is the reason for improved deficits while purposefully ignoring the facts that the numbers get far worse the longer the project is in place.

The article goes on to say this:

The CBO issued a very stark warning to Congress if this sort of can-kicking continues. “At some point, investors would begin to doubt the government’s willingness or ability to pay its debt obligations, which would require the government to pay much higher interest costs to borrow money,” the report stated. “Even before that point was reached, the high and rising amount of federal debt that CBO projects under the extended baseline would have significant negative consequences for both the economy and the federal budget,” among which is a crowding out of private investment due to a “large amount of federal borrowing.” Americans could also see a mixture of higher taxes and a reduction of benefits and services.

This kind of nonsense is used by those foolish clowns who are willing to espouse this crap because in their minds, the end justifies the means. It’s worth destroying America in this way because what they will replace it with will be worth the sacrifice and destruction. Except that it never is. It is destroyed from within and without at terrible costs to everyone involved.

We’ve seen how this is playing out in our country. Instead of resolving our debt issues, we’re pretending like the problem doesn’t exist. Instead of managing our country to live on the tax receipts for the government, we have a central bank to just make money out of nothing and pretend the problem doesn’t exist.

Just like Argentina, we’re going to get to the point where we can’t pay our bills. Where having failed to pay the piper, we’re left out in the cold by lenders or forced to by interest rates that reflect the serious detachment from reality that our government has perpetrated upon the world, we may be sure that it will catch up to us. When a borrower presents a false picture of their ability to repay, it’s called fraud. Unless it’s the government. We may be assured that this fraud will find us all.

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