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Ponderings on candidate choices

November 2, 2014

The time slots are so much easier to fit into one’s schedule. I was fairly surprised this year. When we went to vote, there were actually 12-15 people in line in front of us. Most of the time I walk in and get to vote without seeing anyone but the poll workers.

I hardly know what to think about that. I haven’t heard anything about voter turn out for this election, but historically, the off-years (years in which the President is not on the ballot) are pretty low for voter turn-out.

I thought it was interesting that there were nine different offices which garnered candidates from four parties: Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians and Green party. I love seeing that. While it gives the illusion of choice, I think we might all agree that the likelihood of a non Democrat or non Republican winning is fairly remote.

It would be a cool thing if someone won outside of the normal group of crazies.

It was also interesting to me that 33 positions had only a single person running for them. I had flashbacks of Communist elections where everyone gets to vote, but there’s only one candidate. I guess in this country “the people” self select. I can’t help but wonder though, if there’s only one candidate, how much of a choice do I really get to make?

Here’s for a real battle of ideas and multiple candidates for each position.

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