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Will Tuesday be a Republican blood bath?

November 3, 2014

I had to laugh when I wrote the title of that one.  If there were a Republican blood bath, it would be from Republicans shooting themselves in the foot and bleeding all over themselves.

The big question of this election seems to be control of the Senate.  I’ve heard speculation on both sides that the Republicans will take it, others that they won’t.  The worst of both worlds?  That the Republicans would take control of the Senate and then do absolutely nothing with it.  Frankly, I think that’s what I’m expecting.

On the surface, it will look like the Republicans win, but then lacking the spine to actually accomplish anything, they’ll fiddle while Washington D.C. burns to the ground and Obama will stand laughing and pointing at Congress and blaming Republicans for having done nothing to stop the policies that Democrats have set in motion to destroy this once great nation.

Not only that, but the Republicans will “reach across the aisle” and “work with Democrats” instead of playing the game the way it should be played and flushing their Democrat people out as quickly as humanly possible.  It’s disheartening to be able to predict with such certainty the things that will be coming down the pike.

I hope I’m wrong, but I doubt I will be.


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