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Meanwhile in Russia…

October 27, 2014

A friend of mine sent me a link to this video. His “introduction” to the clip was as follows:

“While we suspend children for biting their poptarts into the shape of guns…”


Another case where the gun grabbers are wrong

October 26, 2014

Sounds like Oklahoma has got a lot more license for freedom than Texas. If I had the money, I’d move there myself.

Seeing the violent assault, neighbors say the victim’s 11-year-old daughter grabbed a gun and shot the attacker multiple times inside the home.

So, isn’t it against the law for a child to have access to a loaded gun? I believe it is. I don’t care enough to go look it up, but that’s one of the justifications that the freedom sappers give for limiting access to firearms.

I’m glad that this young lady had access to firearms and the training to use them correctly. It should be entirely up to the parents of a young child how much access to firearms the children have. Here’s another situation where the government has no business butting in.

Thank God for this girl and her mother.

FBI’s use of National Security Letters (NSL) in court

October 25, 2014

Here’s a brief snippet to tell what NSL’s are and how they are used by the FBI.

In the PATRIOT Act era, the FBI has stepped up the use of NSLs to compel companies to hand over communication data or financial records for the purpose of national security. However, NSLs are issued without court approval and come with a gag order that prohibits publicizing the NSL in any way.


Of course, this implicates that not only are recipients prevented from speaking about the fact they received such an order, but also from participating in the public debate on NSLs, surveillance and national security efforts from personal experience. In essence, these gag orders, which are included on 97% of the over 300,000 NSLs issued, are a form of prior restraint and content-based restriction on speech.

If you think these NSL’s are a great idea, then you’ll be glad to know that cities are doing the same things with normal police operations. Make a complaint against a police officer and the case will go to an arbitration hearing, the results of which will be sealed and the public will never know what crap this officer pulled. !What a snow job!

It seems to be a hallmark of our government these days.

Election information

October 24, 2014

I should have lead with this one, but the other ones were weighing on me to get out.

Here’s some of the basics.

This link will take you to a link where you can look up a sample ballot. This is worth doing. I was pretty suprised that the ballot is four pages, though only three of them have content.

This link will take you to a list of voting locations.

Proposition 1 – a big HECK NO!

October 24, 2014

My problem with this allocation of the funding for the state’s rainy day fund over to Texas Department of Transportation (TXDoT) is that it takes the heat off of the legislature to make transportation a priority. It alleviates the necessity to make some real choices about priorities with Texan’s tax dollars.

For example, if the pressure to fund roads is lowered, what incentive would they have for getting rid of the diversions? Diversions like 20% going right off the top to education. The State already has mechanisms for funding education (property taxes), so why should they be taking road money and spending it on schools? No good reason I can think of.

As another example, Department of Public Safety is funded from fuel tax revenue. Why do we need DPS? And if we need them, why should it be funded out of gas tax revenue? No good reason I can think of.

I recently heard a discussion by someone who claimed that TXDoT has so much money that they are able to fund practical research projects like commuting with a jet pack. I’d love to see some documentation showing that is an actual thing, but given the source, I’ve got enough confidence that I’m willing to make that assertion.

TxDoT has got a long way to go before they’ll get any respect from me. I just can’t see giving them more funds until they can take care of what they’ve got.

Besides all of that, they’ve worked out these kiss-ass deals with the toll roads, fleecing these public companies because those public companies are delivering services that TXDoT aren’t able to do.

This funding is just a bad idea until the fundamental deficiencies are resolved.

Why I’m against Proposition 0 from Birdville ISD.

October 24, 2014

First of all, Propositio 0 is an attempt by the Birdville ISD to raise around $160,000,000 for the school. Last year their proposal failed. For good reasons too. I called the school board a bunch of lunatics then and I’d echo that sentiment this time around. Last year the bond was for about $180 million.

I argued then that most of what was in the debt proposal was there because the school board was incompetent and incapable of rational management. I’d say the same thing this time around.

Either of those links will take you to a description of what the bonds are for. The PDF has a breakdown by school. If you read it, you’ll catch this every time…

Safety and Security
Additional key card access units
Security cameras upgraded
Technology upgrades
Campus computing devices (24) and carts; six computing devices in each class; replace obsolete computing devices for teachers, staff, labs, Fine Arts, and libraries; wireless network in all instructional areas; replace obsolete projectors, printers and document cameras
Construct fencing around playground

So, it looks like they’re doing it again. The vast majority of this stuff should be in the operations budget. If these upgrades are so important, they should be budgeted out of the normal budget.

One of my main objections to the debt last time around, was that there was 20 year money being spent on 2-3 year assets. This kind of crap that makes me marvel at the whackjobs that come up with this stuff. The video on the debt garbage mentioned that the ISD got 50 people worked to come up with this project. I suspect that they weren’t given vital options like getting rid of administrative staff.

I hope that in the future, when the ISD works with committee members, that they’ll have the lattitude to make a real difference instead of rubber stamping the school board’s mismanagement and complacency.

Amazing cooking of the books by the Brits

October 24, 2014

If you don’t think this kind of thing is going on in the US, I expect you’ll be quite surprised when it’s revealed.

Here’s the gist of the story. The British Office of National Statistics (ONS) has expanded their definition of GDP to include prostitution and drug use.

?Why would they do that? !!Great question!!

Of course, some countries have been including these items for years. Back in 2006, the Greek government was able to increase its reported GDP by 25% overnight by including these items! The reason the Greek government made the change back then was to have more flattering debt and deficit to GDP figures than otherwise. We now know how that story ended.